letsencrypt question

2 November 2016, 17:48
Hi hugo,
Could you please tell me if we still need to download your letsencrypt script or if thletsencrypt has been built into the latest version?
I downloaded the script from but the script doesn't generate the .pem files

Hiawatha v10.3, cache, IPv6, reverse proxy, TLS v2.2.1, URL toolkit, XSLT
Hugo Leisink
3 November 2016, 00:12
A Hiawatha release always contains the latest version of the letsencrypt script at the moment of release.

I need a bit more information than just a 'it does not work'.
3 November 2016, 00:45
Hi Hugo,

I am running FreeBSD and installed Hiawatha via pkg..
I just cannot workout how to generate a certificate.
I cannot find a 'letsencrypt ' directory so I downloaded and run
php ./letsencrypt request
This does generate the account.key file but not the file
Hugo Leisink
3 November 2016, 08:43
Then FreeBSD port packages apparently didn't include the letsencrypt script in the port.

The command you mentioned must have give some error or any output. What was that? It helps me if you give all the details. Just a 'it does not work' or 'it does not generate X' could have many causes.
7 November 2016, 04:47
Hi Fred,
I'm no expert in this, but I noticed that must be accessible from the outside on port 80 when you run the letsencrypt script.
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