Redirect to internal IP

3 November 2016, 18:24
this is continuation of our 1st question concerning redirection:
We have tried your suggestion to redirect all requests to some subfolder to another IP. But it seems it doesn’t work.
1st of all we are using Hiawatha v9.2 – should it support this UrlToolkit?
2nd – I want to emphasis the fact that redirected IP is not seen from the outside. We have one WEB server Hiawatha running on IP-1 and second WEB server running on on IP-2. IP-2 is not exposed, it means there is no ping from some client’s equipment to IP-2, it can ping only IP-1. So, in order to see the second WEB site, Hiawatha should work as a proxy.
Is this redirection mode using UrlToolkit should do the work in this case?

Hugo Leisink
4 November 2016, 00:31
Ah, I forgot that the second server is not reachable from the outside. Try this instead:
VirtualHost {
ReverseProxy ^/somefolder/.*\.html

Add to the Hostname of the virtualhost at Because an IP address is used for the backend server (, Hiawatha will use the hostname ( as received in the first request in the request forwarded to
4 November 2016, 18:25
Many thanks for your explanation. But I think there is still a problem with the subfolder redirection. Because of we have 2 independent WEB sites – one on and second on, but we want to access via, and I thought it can be possible to achieve by means of some “virtual” non-existent folder. In other words I want to substitute address for ( WEB doesn’t contain somefolder!). On other hand, all requests to should continue to work, as it was working all the time.
But as I understand, the VirtualHost rule
ReverseProxy ^/somefolder/.*

will cause requests to be redirected to, that is incorrect in our case.

Another idea we have is to run proxy server on at some separate port, e.g. 81. Thus it can be redirected from to

Can you pls advise?

Thank you again.
Hugo Leisink
4 November 2016, 18:54
Try this one:
ReverseProxy ^/somefolder/.* 1
5 November 2016, 11:37
After adding this section to the configuration:
VirtualHost {
Hostname =
ReverseProxy ^/test/.* 1

I completely have lost the access to my device ( via the WEB. Where is my mistake?
10 November 2016, 18:25
Found another decision: Linux utility named socat does this work very fine. E.g.
socat TCP-LISTEN:81,fork TCP:

is all what was needed.
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