Error initializing ChallengeClient module

6 November 2016, 12:04
I am running Hiawatha (10.4) on my Fritz!Box 7362SL. Now after updating the firmware from 6.30 to 6.50 Hiawatha shows me following message: "Error initializing ChallengeClient module."

Any ideas what could cause this kind of problem?
Is it possible to deactivate the ChallengeClient module with a parameter for testing?

hiawatha -m: "Enabled modules: ChallengeClient, FileHashes, TLS v2.3.0, ThreadPool".
Hugo Leisink
6 November 2016, 18:32
If that module fails initialization, there is something with the random generator. Does the system have a /dev/random?

To disable the module, edit and comment the line for the ENABLE_CHALLENGE setting (line 31).
6 November 2016, 20:56
Yes, the system has "/dev/random" and I set it to r/w (chmod 777) like suggested in an other topic, but it didn't help.
So I disabled the ChallengeClient module in the binary now.
This time I get following errors: "Warning: error redirecting stdin" and "Warning: error redirecting stdout"
My log files are empty...something strange is going on
Hugo Leisink
6 November 2016, 21:14
To me, this sounds like an upgrade that hasn't gone well...
9 November 2016, 21:47
Is it possible to run the webserver somehow as root since "ServerId" doesn't allow that?
This way I could check, if it's really a permission problem of the user...
Hugo Leisink
9 November 2016, 22:14
No, Hiawatha does not allow it because of the risks involved.
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