Where to download the monitor?

9 November 2016, 14:27

I came across your webserver, looks quite cool so far. Very fast, easy to setup, it does a good jobso far on my dev machine. But where is the code for the monitor? I looked in the main archive, but didn´t neither find anything here, nor on the downloads page.

Or did I just miss something?

Thanks in advance
Hugo Leisink
9 November 2016, 15:20
The Monitor is written in PHP. By downloading the Monitor, you download the source. PHP is not compiled, so you always get the code.
10 November 2016, 11:28
Thanks for the info, Hugo. But where is the download? Still do not find it. It is either too hidden, too obvious, or I need an appointment with my olucist....
Hugo Leisink
10 November 2016, 11:50
In the download page. Last entry in the gray block at the top.
11 November 2016, 08:43

I swear I didn´t see it. Thanks a lot!
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