Hiawatha Monitor on another LAN

8 December 2016, 23:47
Hi Hugo,

I understand that if the Hiawatha Monitor is installed in the same LAN, the adding the following wil enable monitoring
MonitorServer =

But how do I monitor the hiawatha server that are not on the same server/LAN?
I gather that I need to do
MonitorServer = <public_ip_of_other_server>

Question: On the other server I guess I need to port forwarding but what port will the monitor use?
Do I need 1 Hiawatha Monitor per LAN?
Hugo Leisink
11 December 2016, 08:59
All the webservers you want to monitor need to be reachable for the Monitor server. Use port forwarding or any other network technique to make them reachable.
11 December 2016, 23:54

Is the hiawatha monitor port forwarding 80?
Hugo Leisink
12 December 2016, 10:24
?? Is the Hiawatha monitor port forwarding? I don't understand your question. The Hiawatha monitor is a webapplication, which can't do port forwarding. Port forwarding is done by a firewall.
12 December 2016, 14:44
Got It thank you
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