Password for directory listing ONLY?

10 December 2016, 16:35
Is it possible to have Hiawatha allow all file access without authentication, but require a username/password to list files in a directory?

I mean, one way to do this would be to write a directory lister in PHP that manually requests authentication, another possibility is to have separate "CDN" VirtualHost, but is there any simpler/cleaner way to do this?
10 December 2016, 16:37
Like, I want to be able to share direct file links to my friend, open links (e.g., videos) in external/non-browser apps on my phone that don't support authentication, etc.; and none of the files are terribly sensitive, such as to require actual security, but I want to at least restrict access to the directory listings.
Hugo Leisink
11 December 2016, 09:01
What you describe is not possible. But there is a work-around. Make one virtual host which you use to share files. Don't enable ShowIndex for that virtualhost. Create another virtual host which points to the same directory, but with ShowIndex enabled and which is password protected.
11 December 2016, 16:09
If I do that, how can I have the links from the directory listing point towards the non directory listing domain?
Hugo Leisink
12 December 2016, 10:22
Use a custom index.xslt (the XSLT file which is used to build the index) in which you use the hostname of the other domain.
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