MonitorServer setting

17 December 2016, 00:36
Hi Hugo,

The documentation say:
MonitorServer = <ip-address>
Specify the IP address of the Hiawatha Monitor server. This enables logging of statistical information. Use a X-Hiawatha-Monitor CGI header to log an event. Use the value 'failed_login' to log a failed login or 'exploit_attempt' to log an exploit attempt.
Example: MonitorServer =

My question is:
Instead of having an ip-address, can I use a domain?
I have webserver that I want to monitor from another LAN.. So Will the following work?
MonitorServer = 

I not, can I specify the port like:
MonitorServer = 
Hugo Leisink
19 December 2016, 20:49
No, for the MonitorServer option you only specify an IP address. A port is not required, because it's the Monitor server that connects to the webserver, not the other way around.
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