PHP-FPM binary for Windows

2 January 2017, 00:50
I got the tip to watch Hiawatha. And I did read a lot good.
But now I wonder if it is realy necessary to trust completely different people, install whose C-Compiler and Libs, learn to handle, and compile PHP-FPM only to make my first steps with PHP.
I think you have good reasons to use FPM. And I know you are not responsible for PHP.
But for me it is as if someone says : Before you can learn to write you must submit a chinese written application first.
So I hope you do not the same.
Sorry for my bad englisch.
Hugo Leisink
2 January 2017, 09:42
I don't know what OS you use, but why not install PHP as a package instead of compiling it yourself? Much easier.

And about trusting different people, do you really expect one person to create an OS, webserver, programming language and all the required libraries?!? And yes, if you want to use certain software, yes, you have to understand how it works. I've made Hiawatha as easy as possible. But writing a proper and secure PHP application requires studying.
4 January 2017, 07:10
Hi Hugo,
it is Windows - see caption.
I think under Windows i have to use PHP-FPM and there is no package available. The sources are.
To study PHP is what i want. To study C bevor not.
Yes, it is not your job. But it is a hiatus wich pertains the usability of Hiawatha - not only for me - for all PHP user.
Thank you all the same.
4 January 2017, 07:18
It is only about to compile and distribute.
May I would find packages anywhere in the web.
But i am looking for a trustworthily distributor.
4 January 2017, 07:30
I think I have to use PHP-FPM if I understood right.
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