Hiawatha Monitor with reverse proxy

5 January 2017, 17:23
Hi Hugo,

I have a question on what to monitor when using Hiawatha as a reverse proxy...

If I add
MonitorServer =
in my proxy server, I can see all the backend webserver that I am running..
So do I need to remove the reverse proxy and only monitor the backend or monitor only the proxy or both?

Thank you in advance
Hugo Leisink
5 January 2017, 23:45
You can use the Hostname administration in the CMS to hide certain hostnames in the Hiawatha Monitor.
6 January 2017, 23:43
Hi Hugo,

Sorry I'm not clear..
Should I only monitor the reverse proxy with MonitorServer = and then hide the host that I don't want instead of adding the MonitorServer into all the backend webservers?
Hugo Leisink
10 January 2017, 20:09
There is no 'must', there is only 'want'. Monitor the servers you want to monitor. That's it.
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