/usr/local/sbin/hiawatha not found after update to version 10.4

Gerardo Pino
16 January 2017, 19:32
Recently I updated Hiawatha using yum from version 10.1 to 10.4. The problem is that now when I try to run it I got the error "Executable file /usr/local/sbin/hiawatha not found." I'm using CentOS 7 and the problem has occurred in two servers, both after updating.

Any help is appreciated.
Hugo Leisink
16 January 2017, 21:55
If you used Yum, you got Hiawatha as a package. Contact the package maintainer with this issue.

Could it be the init script contains an incorrect path to the Hiawatha binary?
Gerardo Pino
16 January 2017, 22:46
The problem seems to be on the hiawatha file located on /etc/init.d/, I changed some lines (exactly referring to the location of the binary and the PID) and now it seems ok. I use the package located on the repository Anku (, I'll try to contact them about this issue.

Thanks Hugo for your quick reply!
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