Why is website directory required for reverse proxy?

26 January 2017, 03:15

Hello Everybody!
I was wondering if anyone could answer the question of why is a website directory a required configuration variable if I am merely going to Reverse proxy the virtual host to be served on a different port.

What I am attempting to do is reverse proxy 
. I will not need a directory to serve the location, so why is one required?

So far when I add a
, I am served the contents of the website root, rather than the content of the other server. Not sure why it is doing this. I had believed if I remove the
variable it would allow the forwarding of content to the other location on the other port (8080).

If I need to add a
to the reverse proxy configuration , then what web directory should I offer.

Thanks for any help offered.

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The Smoking Duck
26 January 2017, 03:17
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Hugo Leisink
27 January 2017, 15:28
The reason why a websiteroot is required is that it's hard to tell whether all regular expressions cover all URL's. So, just to be sure, a websiteroot is required. Simply point it to an empty directory and you're done.
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