TLScertFile for server ip

8 February 2017, 15:00
In the hiawatha.conf do the binding for port 443 need to set the TLScertFile option to work.
In my virtual hosts I then TLScertFile to what is needed. I set Hostname to my server ip.
When I try and reach my website by https://my-ip I get an error saying the cert is only valid for my domain names.
I see that your site seem to have the same problem:

Is there a way to fix this?
I do not need to show anything when accessing my ip but I would like to not show an error if someone does.
Joe Schmoe
8 February 2017, 20:52
I don't think any web server can solve this problem. What you really need is an SSL certificate for your public IP address.

Hugo Leisink
8 February 2017, 22:44
I don't know any SSL certifiate provider that will issue a certificate based on an IP adress instead of a hostname. Joe is right. A webserver can't solve that.
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