Raspberry Pi/Raspbian Install

9 February 2017, 21:56
Are there any tutorials specific to Raspbian or even Raspberry Pi with a different OS? I see bits and pieces of info in other topics but so far have found no good tutorials for Raspbian (except for compiling from source).
David Oliver
16 February 2017, 01:50
This tutorial has a couple of options: It's in German, but the terminal commands are in English. Google Translate seems to do a good job.

The second variant uses a pre-prepared Debian package from

The version numbers have changed since it was written, so you'd need to change the filenames accordingly.
21 February 2017, 16:28
you can also try to compile Hiawatha under Raspbian-Debian :

- sudo apt update && sudo apt install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev zlib1g-dev debhelper fakeroot cmake
- cd ~/ && wget && tar -xzf hiawatha-10.5.tar.gz
- cd ~/hiawatha-10.5 && ./extra/make_debian_package
- cd ~/hiawatha-10.5 && sudo dpkg -i hiawatha_10.5_armhf.deb

it's done !

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