Installing package in OpenBSD

David Oliver
14 February 2017, 23:01
Hello all,

I decided to try setting up OpenBSD (stable) for use with my next webserver, and I've found that using packages (which is recommended for new users) to install Hiawatha gives Hiawatha 9.15.

I can see that in ports, juanfra has been referencing Hiawatha 10. 1 [], 2 []

Is it likely that the latest version of Hiawatha will become available through the pre-compiled packages at some point? (Or am I doing something wrong?)

Many thanks.
16 February 2017, 23:47
I'm the maintainer since august. My first update was too late for 6.0 and it was shipped with an outdated version. The next OpenBSD release will include an updated version of hiawatha (and a lot of changes in the network stack of the kernel). So, you can wait until the next version or use -current, which is like a rolling release. We only update the ports in stable when a security or critical bug happens.
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