Johannes Lorenz
1 August 2009, 22:22
I m using a dynamic dns.
when i enter localhost in the adress bar i get the start site of my server.
if i enter my dns its not found. i added a firewall exception:
here is my config:
# Hiawatha httpd.conf

Binding {
Port = 80
MaxKeepAlive = 30
TimeForRequest = 3,20

ConnectionsTotal = 150
ConnectionsPerIP = 10
SystemLogfile = C:\Program Files\Hiawatha\log\system.log

#CGIextension = com,exe
#CGIhandler = C:\Program Files\Hiawatha\bin\ssi-cgi.exe:shtml, shtm, stm
# Download the PHP zip package from
# and unzip to C:\Program Files\PHP5\
#CGIhandler = C:\Program Files\PHP5\php-cgi.exe:php
# or
#FastCGIserver {
# FastCGIid = PHP5
# Extension = php
# ConnectTo =

Hostname =
WebsiteRoot = C:\wwwroot
StartFile = index.htm
AccessLogfile = C:\Program Files\Hiawatha\log\access.log
ErrorLogfile = C:\Program Files\Hiawatha\log\error.log
#ExecuteCGI = yes
#UseFastCGI = PHP5
#TimeForCGI = 10

so everything is normal i think.
since 6.16 i get the message in the server window:
Warning: cant chown pid file: "path" make shure its owned by root!

What shall i do?

Hiawatha version: 6.16
Operating System: Superior XP 64 bit rev 09
Hugo Leisink
2 August 2009, 00:16
Is it because the dyndns hostname resolves to an IP address which is your external address? In that case, your request is send off to the internet instead of to your webserver. I don't know your network situation, but I think it is a routing issue.

About the chown warning: ignore it. Hiawatha is written for Unix. The Windows version is build via Cygwin and should be seen as a hack instead of a production worthy program.
Johannes Lorenz
2 August 2009, 02:10
i dont understand everything but i know my dns works prroperly (i pinged it and i get a response).
Hugo Leisink
2 August 2009, 10:07
Well, my guess is that this is your situation: you have an internal network and on a Windows computer in that network you have Hiawatha installed. The dyndns hostname resolves to an IP address that is not one of your local network. It's the IP address of the internet side of your modem. If you request the website via your dyndns (thus your external IP address), your WIndows machine won't respond to that (it's not his IP address after all). There are two possibilities:
1) your modem sees the IP address of your request as a non-local network address and forwards the request to the internet.
2) your modem sees the IP address of your request as its external IP address and tries to handle the request itself.

But, this is all a guess. Like I said, I don't know your network situation.
Johannes Lorenz
2 August 2009, 21:01
ah..thanks..ill try portforwarding
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