Hiawatha Log Format configuration for GoAccess

9 April 2017, 22:21
I thought it might be useful for people googling to find this.

time-format %T %z
date-format %a %d %b %Y
log-format log-format %h|%d %t|%s|%b||%r|%v|%u|%^|%^|%^|%R|%^|%^

9 April 2017, 23:07
On second thought... Reading access.log it appears the order of things aren't consistent. Sometimes Referrer comes before DNT, other times after, there is also the possibility no Referrer was logged (not even a "-").

Seems it's better to use "LogFormat = extended" in hiawatha.conf and use this instead:
time-format %T %z
date-format %d/%b/%Y
log-format %h %^[%d:%t] %D "%r" %s %b "%R" "%u"
9 April 2017, 23:15
Whoops. Made a mistake on the log-format there:
log-format %h %^[%d:%t] "%r" %s %D "%R" "%u"

Too bad you can't get size of the object requested with this format.
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