usage statistics

13 April 2017, 22:45
i never understood why Hiawatha's usage hasnt picked up more than this.
According to w3techs Hiawatha is currently used by 150 of the top 10 million websites or 0.0015%.
A more detailed report can be found here
The information can easily be checked with the following command, for example
curl -s -I|grep Server

Server: Hiawatha v10.0

Hugo Leisink
14 April 2017, 19:44
I think there are two important causes for that.

First, Hiawatha doesn't focus on speed. Most people only care about speed, not security when it comes to webservers.

Second, I've always been very reluctant towards implementing all sorts of crap functionality, to prevent Hiawatha to become as bloated as Apache. Most people just want to get their shit running, not caring about 'clean solutions' and 'doing it properly'.
15 April 2017, 12:22
I can only encourage you to continue
- clean and secure solutions may eventually gain some interest and Hiawatha pick up at some stage, adoption rate can then be very quick
- don't hesitate to ask for financial support and donation if at some stage you need it
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