7 July 2017, 15:43

As I understand it does Hiawatha not handle websockets. The common approach seem to proxy those requests to some other application, like NodeJs, that support them. Is this correct?
I'm going to create a website that will be fairly message (chat) intensive so I would like to use websockets but if it requires me to both use NodeJs and Hiawatha (PHP) then it might be better to only use NodeJs?
I did not find much info about Hiawatha and websockets so any comments on that would be helpful.
Hugo Leisink
7 July 2017, 21:38
Take a look at the WebSocket setting in the manual page. It might be what you're looking for.
WebSocket = ws[s]://<IP address>:<port> <request uri>[,...] [connection timeout]
10 July 2017, 09:12
Thank you for the answer.
If I understand it correctly the Websocket setting you write about is for forwarding (proxy) the connection to another server (ex: NodeJs)?
Hugo Leisink
10 July 2017, 21:12
Well, proxy is not the right word for this. But yes, it forwards the request to a websocket service.
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