Support proxy protocol

14 July 2017, 03:10
Can Hiawatha support the Proxy protocol ( This way we can get source IPs from frontend load balancers while keeping an end to end encrypted connection.

Hugo Leisink
14 July 2017, 11:47
I don't have the time for that. And also, I think the PROXY method isn't an official HTTP method, right?

Why not simply use HTTPS from the load balancer to the backend webserver?
16 July 2017, 22:38
That's fair Hugo. Proxy proto is not part of HTTP, you are correct. The whole point is being able to relay this information without breaking the end-to-end encrypted connection, so it uses the TCP layer to communicate with backends.
In some cases, breaking the connection (and re-encripting)at the LB as you suggest, present us with a transitory trust problem where we need to trust the LB which means expanding the scope of the security design of the solution.

I understand it's not going to be supported, just wanted to provide a rationale for the request.

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