Hiawatha v10.6 Debian 9 PHP 7.1

Kapageridis Stavros
20 August 2017, 21:09
Hi Hugo, did you check if hiawatha compiled on debian 9 with php7 ?
25 August 2017, 15:43

I have a VM on my personal computer with Debian 9, Hiawatha 10.6 and PHP7. It's the first time I tried to compile Hiawatha from source and it's working fine except for one problem : Hiawatha is not launched automatically after booting the system. But all is working fine after a manual launch of Hiawatha and I don't remember an error during its compilation (but like I said, it's the first time I'm doing it, so I may have miss something). I just need to find the time to understand what I did wrong or what I have missed so Hiawatha is launched automatically.
Hugo Leisink
25 August 2017, 15:47
Use the rcconf tool to make it start upon boot.
25 August 2017, 17:14
It was a bit strange : according to rcconf, Hiawatha should have started upon boot. I disabled before enabling it again and it's now working just fine.

Thank you !
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