Hiawatha 10.6-1 Debian Package Released

Chris Wadge
30 September 2017, 09:54
I've added a new Hiawatha package to my Debian repository which includes mbedTLS 2.6.0.

hiawatha (10.6-1) stable; urgency=high

• mbed TLS upgraded to 2.6.0
• Fixes multiple security issues in TLS

Direct downloads for this package are available from the Hiawatha "download" page, or optionally through the related apt repository.

P.S. - the Let's Encrypt script included in this package is fantastic for anybody running Hiawatha. After the initial registration, it can automate every single aspect of issuing and renewing LE certs for you. Just extract the archive included in the .deb package (/usr/share/doc/hiawatha/letsencrypt.tar.gz) somewhere with reasonable filesystem restrictions and run the executable.
Hugo Leisink
30 September 2017, 09:56
Hi Chris. Thanks for the package update and the LE feedback! Good to hear you like it.
Chris Wadge
30 September 2017, 10:30
Yes, I certainly do like it. Thanks for including this functionality. Since I was already running Hiawatha + PHP, it was a very natural fit. I'm using LE for a lot of my weird subdomains and such, like, and your script is a huge convenience.
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