Debian + RamNode + Hiawatha + PHP7 primer script

Chris Wadge
12 October 2017, 00:11
I wrote a primer script to prep a RamNode VPS with Debian for use as a webhead (or whatever). It will result in a system that's secure, firewalled, tuned, and has repositories for dotdeb (PHP7, Redis, etc.) and tuxhelp (Hiawatha webserver) ready to use. It's what I use when I setup one-off hosted Hiawatha servers for folks. Wrote a quick about it here [] if anybody's interested.
Hugo Leisink
13 October 2017, 22:21
Thanks for promoting Hiawatha!
Chris Wadge
14 October 2017, 01:34
My pleasure. Hiawatha is the only webserver I've never had a single problem with, and I've worked with most of them. I believe that if more people used it, the Internet would be a safer, faster-performing place.
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