Configuration test

25 October 2017, 11:44
Hi Hugo,

Is there a command I can run to do a config test before I restart the webserver and stop ll my other sites to work?
I looked at the man but didn't find it

Thank you

Hiawatha v10.5
FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p11
Hugo Leisink
25 October 2017, 15:07
If you run Hiawatha with the -k option, it only checks for configuration errors. You can also run wigwam to check for non-fatal configuration error (run with -q for silent mode). In the Debian init script that comes with Hiawatha, these options are built in. Run the Debian init script with the 'check' option to perform these checks. I don't know if the FreeBSD port offers an init script with such functionality.
26 October 2017, 19:05
InFreeBSD I do
service hiawatha restart

When I ran
service hiawatha -k restart
I get
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/hiawatha: unknown directive '-k'.
Usage: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/hiawatha [fast|force|one|quiet](start|stop|restart|rcvar|enabled|describe|extracommands|status|poll)

I have no option for -k
Is hiawatha port not including all the options?
Hugo Leisink
27 October 2017, 08:11
The '-k' option should be used with the hiawatha binary, not the init script.
/usr/local/sbin/hiawatha -k
1 November 2017, 10:06
Thank you Hugo,
Worked well for me on FreeBSD 11
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