hiawatha letsencrypt script with cloudflare

15 November 2017, 21:54
does the hiawatha letsencrypt work with cloudflare enabled?
I have a few domains but the hiawatha letsencrypt doesn't work giving out errors like

- No valid IP addresses found for
- No valid authorization key received.
- Error while retrieving authorization key.

Also today they updated the LE_CA_TERMS =

Thanks for any info.
Hugo Leisink
15 November 2017, 22:11
I don't know. I don't have any experience with Cloudflare. Thanks for the terms update note.
15 November 2017, 23:06
would you be able to update the letsencrypt with the -certonly option?
Hugo Leisink
16 November 2017, 21:42
And what is this -certonly option supposed to do?
16 November 2017, 22:34
Hugo Leisink
17 November 2017, 00:33
I still don't see what the certonly option of some cloudflare script has to do with Hiawatha's letsencrypt script. You think some feature is missing?
17 November 2017, 05:27
It is not a cloudflare script. It is describing how authentication will not work with cloudflare enabled so you have to use letsencrypt-auto certonly webroot method since the default DVSNI method will fail when using acme authentication
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