Header and Footer for directory listing

18 August 2009, 20:13
Hi Hugo,

Would it be a easy change to include a header and footer for including in the directory listing? This way, anyone could use a custom header and footer on their directory listing.

Hiawatha version: 6.16
Operating System: Puppy 4.3 Beta 1
Hugo Leisink
18 August 2009, 23:18
You know what, you win I'll make the directory index layout available via XSLT in the next Hiawatha version.
19 August 2009, 08:06
Thanks a lot Hugo. Actually, I am supportive of your decision that you should not add anything that will make Hiawatha huge or another a**he. I was asking if its easy to add some include mechanism to add custom header and footer to the directory index listing.
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