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Peter Panski
6 December 2017, 12:06
I try to use the search to find answers. It would be nice to have an option to list threads only once even though multiple posts contain the search phrase. If I search for "cgi" skimming the thread titles is not possible with so man duplicates.
Hugo Leisink
6 December 2017, 13:53
It's done for performance reasons. The content in which the searching is done, is in the several posts of which a topic consist. Selecting only a topic instead of the message in which the search query was found, logically requires the first post in a topic to be selected for the preview. Doing so, requires a too complex or too many queries. And besides that, searching for just 'cgi', which is present in too many topics, won't make your search result more usable. Try searching for a more specific term.
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