HideProxy - BanlistMask and RequestLimitMask have problem with Set Variable ipv4/ipv6 prefix mix

16 December 2017, 04:22
I think this might be a bug or maybe a feature request. I noticed on my system.log that one of my ipv6 I set on hideproxy was banned from the BanOnMaxPerIp setting. I set various ipv4/ipv6 and BanlistMask/RequestLimitMask has no problem when one ip is set. However for HideProxy I put a variable with a mix of ipv4 netmask and ipv6 netmask and it will be fine.

Can this be fixed for BanlistMask and RequestLimitMask which requires deny/allow? Simple create 3-5 ipv4 with a netmask and 3-5 ipv4 with a netmask. This would save quite a few time instead of manual entry of each ip.
Hugo Leisink
21 December 2017, 08:44
Sorry for the late response. I've been ill the last few days. Is it an IPv6-only issue or does it happen with IPv4 too? I've been looking at the code and it looks ok to me. So I don't understand yet how it goes wrong.
31 December 2017, 02:21
I hope you are much better now! Happy New Year!.

hideproxy error that I notice is only from ipv6 that is banned from BanOnMaxPerIp.

I am using the 10.7 in ubuntu. installed via tuxhelp repository
Can you do the following as an example and see if you have an issue.

Set IP1 =, 0100:11:11:11::/64
Set IP2 =, 0200:22:22:22::/64
HideProxy = IP1, IP2
BanlistMask = deny IP1, deny IP2
RequestLimitMask = deny IP1, deny IP2

and see if you have an error? There is no problem if manually adding the ips instead of using the variable.

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