Moodle on Hiawatha - not supported

7 January 2018, 16:25
Hello everybody,

I tried to install Moodle 3.4+ on Hiawatha 10.7 and the installer told me "Web server software (Hiawatha v10.7) is not supported, sorry."

Anybody who successfully installed Moodle on Hiawatha?

Hugo Leisink
7 January 2018, 18:41
To disable this web server check, comment line 1044 in lib/setuplib.php. Add the following line right under it:
$rurl['fullpath'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; 

Please inform the Moodle developers that Moodle works just fine with Hiawatha.

Use at least the following configuration options for your virtual host:
VirtualHost {
StartFile = index.php
EnablePathInfo = yes
TimeForCGI = 10
8 January 2018, 12:29
Hi Hugo,

Thanks for your prompt reply and advice.

The Moodle setup now goes a bit further - meanwhile I am trying to solve some MySQL problems which occurred during the installation of Moodle.

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