Hiawatha - now preinstalled on Amazon Cloud

12 January 2018, 23:20
Hello Hugo,
it's been years since I posted anything. That's because Hiawatha is working flawlessly, so there was nothing to post about. Amazing piece of software.

Recently I had to move some infrastructure to AWS cloud, so I created my own EC2 Linux distribution that would fit the purpose. Of course, Hiawatha comes preinstalled. I guess, Hiawatha will be a part of every server I set up, for years to come. Even if I don't really need a webserver. Just for good luck.

The OS distro repository is here:

While it's a general-purpose OS and not being about Hiawatha, I mention Hiawatha 11 times in the README Just thought you might like to know: on the largest cloud infrastructure in the world, there is now a distribution with Hiawatha preinstalled

I also added some Hiawatha-specific tools I've been using for quite some time, like a cron-ready autoupdater:

Thank you for your continuous work and effort!
12 January 2018, 23:22
BTW, I am "Jan Harustiak", and I am quoted on your About page. Could you please update the quote? The link to has been dead for quite some time, and should be replaced with e.g.

Hugo Leisink
14 January 2018, 09:11
Hi Jan. Thanks for the feedback and helping promote Hiawatha! I'll update the link. It's nice to hear Hiawatha works flawlessly. Just as it was intended. Too bad not many people see that.
14 January 2018, 13:59
If anybody would actually evaluate available webservers before deciding which one to use, hiawatha would immediately see much broader use. Evaluated by any parameter, speed, stability, security, functionality, configuration syntax, code maintenance... hiawatha is pretty much up there, and widely used solutions like Apache2 land pretty much down on the list. It looks like nobody evaluates anything, people just take what comes preinstalled, or what they learned in school 15 years ago.

So, I think the only way to efficiently promote hiawatha is to make it preinstalled in a distribution. To make even the more ignorant majority of admins who just use defaults aware of it.

I am glad if I can help this way. For selfish reasons. As with every other project, more widespread use = better maintenance, larger community, better support, more potential issues reported & fixed, and maybe even more involved developers.

I am preparing a blog about how to select a proper software for a stable server, I will post a link when it's done.

Thanks again for your continuous development!
Hugo Leisink
14 January 2018, 23:13
I will post a link when it's done.

Looking forward to it!
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