Header Rewriting?

22 January 2018, 19:12
I'm looking for a possibility, where I can use Hiawatha in a way that it emits a certain header to the backend.

As far as I understand the URL toolkit, the set of conditions are headers and URLs, but the set of consequences, that I can compute from the conditions are only URLs.

Is there something like the functionality of Apache's mod_headers also in Hiawatha?
Any other chance to do, what I intend to?
Hugo Leisink
22 January 2018, 23:39
No, Hiawatha forwards requests and responses as they are. No changes. Note that Hiawatha's reverse proxy functionality was never intended as a full blown reverse proxy. Only to serve local applications that only speak HTTP instead of CGI. If you want to use advanced reverse proxy functionality, use an advanced reverse proxy.
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