Forum Software: Criteria for Spam

22 January 2018, 19:27
As usual, I'm on my way without Javascript as long as possible.

And with the forum here, it seems to be, that [still] almost everything is possible :-))

Unfortunately, one thing is irritating:
My first attempt to past my header rewrite message was done without JS. The reaction of the forum software after pressing the "Create topic" button: "Message seen as spam."

Ok, as a human, I'm to a certain degree flexible: 'took my JS+Cookie-browser and did the same thing again.
Result: posted in 3 seconds... :-) ... and yes, it's there!

It would be great, if the spam detection mechanism would also work without JS [or at least not tell the wrong story...]

Hugo Leisink
22 January 2018, 23:45
Could it be that you requested the 'new message' page, pasted your message and pressed submit all within 2 seconds? A quick post after requesting the form is typical spammer behaviour. Wait a few seconds before you press submit.
24 January 2018, 14:01
I edited the message by hand in the web form. But may be, it had been less than 2 seconds between my last key stroke in the message field and pressing the submit button.

([without JS] same thing for this message: and now, I'm sure, I waited more than 2 seconds before pressing the "Post response" button. And again: with Javascript, it works as expected.)
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