ACME v2 and better script integration in Arch packages

30 January 2018, 20:45
Just to follow up two things that you said you were working on:
* LetsEncrypt Acme v2
* easier integration of the LE script into the Arch package
Hugo Leisink
31 January 2018, 01:35
Let's Encrypt ACME v2 is done.

What is needed for easier integration in Arch package?
31 January 2018, 07:57
I was referring to this for the Arch package:
Hugo Leisink
31 January 2018, 14:51
The next version of Hiawatha's Let's Encrypt script will have ACME v2 support (already done) and allows installation of the scripts at a different location than the configuration file and account key. That will allow you to make a package for Arch.
31 January 2018, 20:29
Great thanks! looking forward to it
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