I want to turn off gzip compression on some folders

Tor Berg
21 February 2018, 10:34
I have a hiawatha server running in an embedded system with very limited resources. (40MHz Sparc v8 inside an FPGA)

The GZip system is very good for improving performace on static pages. I do a local load with wget of all the static files on boot to generate gzip-versions of the files. This takes quite a bit of time, but improves performace a lot when users are accessing the system a few minutes later.

But I have one problem. When downloading log files that can be several megabytes they are piped through gzip. This can take several minutes for large logfiles. The performance would have been much better if they had just been sendt over the network instead of through gzip first.

I know systems where gzip is substantially slower than just sending the data over the network is a bit of a corner case, but I won't get any more resources.
Hugo Leisink
22 February 2018, 22:12
Hi Tor. That's something that's not supported at the moment. I'm not sure about implementing such one-specific-case feature. How about you create a softlink to that logfile with an extension that's not specified via the GZipExtensions setting. Download that softlink to skip the gzipping.
Tor Berg
23 February 2018, 12:48
Thanks a lot for the tip.

I had not read the changelog for 10.8, but I think upgrading to 10.8 and using GZipExtenstions setting will solve my problem perfectly.
Tor Berg
27 February 2018, 11:44
I noticed that under there is a 10.8 version listed, but it is not ready for download, and it is not available on GitHub.

Is there some way for me to download 10.8 at the moment, so I can test the new functionality?
27 February 2018, 12:24
I was searching where you saw something about 10.8. Now I know. Thank

Maybe Hugo is waiting for ACME v2 to be launched. AFAIK, they were planning to launch it today but it is delayed :

As for testing Hiawatha 10.8, it seems possible by sending Hugo an email :
Hugo Leisink
28 February 2018, 15:38
Tor, the sources at is the version I'm currently developing. It's beta code and not yet released.
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