Let's Encrypt error

J Tester
27 March 2018, 16:21

I'm getting the below PHP error when I try and request an SSL certificate from the acme staging server using version 2 of the Let's Encrypt tool.

I'm afraid my PHP isn't good enough to work back through the tool properly.
Seems to be some sort of issue with the $main variable?
Could this point to something being wrong with my hiawatha.conf file possibly?

(URL masked)

./letsencrypt request

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function LetsEncrypt::remove_wildcard_hostnames(), 1 passed in /root/letsencrypt/libraries/letsencrypt.php on line 209 and exactly 2 expected in /root/letsencrypt/libraries/letsencrypt.php:59
Stack trace:
#0 /root/letsencrypt/libraries/letsencrypt.php(209): LetsEncrypt->remove_wildcard_hostnames(Array)
#1 /root/letsencrypt/letsencrypt(106): LetsEncrypt->request_certificate('', NULL)
#2 {main}
thrown in /root/letsencrypt/libraries/letsencrypt.php on line 59
J Tester
29 March 2018, 08:53
For info, commented out line 209 so it doesn't attempt to remove wildcard hostnames as I'm only using a single hostname anyway.

Next error that it stumbles on is:

./letsencrypt request

Generating RSA key.
Generating Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
Ordering certificate.
- Invalid Content-Type header on POST. Content-Type must be "application/jose+json"

Gone back to version 1 for now which has worked fine.
Hugo Leisink
31 March 2018, 13:57
Redownload the Let's Encrypt 2.0 script and let me know it this solves your problem.
J Tester
3 April 2018, 17:56
Can confirm working now.

Thanks Hugo.
Much Appreciated.
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