Banshee photo album part does work on Raspberry Pi

Christian G. Wolf (42x10)
31 March 2018, 21:47
Hi, i have managed to install a multi-domain test setup of Banshee 6.2 on Hiawatha 10.8 on newest Raspbian (both tested on Pi1b and Pi3). Everything looks good and I have Monitor 1.5 and database admin tools properly running on both, but whatever I try I cannot yet get photo album demo functionality working. Symptom is the images are just not found, which is true for out-of-the-box Star-Wars demo images and self upload albums. Having quickly cross-checked with an intel x86-64 version of Debian/Raspbian based on a minimal live-cd setup everything seems to work fine on the x86 platform (good result out-of-the-box), so it seems i am not doing anything wrong config-wise.

First, ist this a known issue and does maybe exist a workaround?
Second, I am willing to help with analysis and logs, but would need a start what to look for (and where)
While I am hopefully experienced enough UNI/Linux/C wise, as I am new to PHP DB web environments.

Many thanks for your wonderful work done with Hiawatha and Banshee, its much appreciated!
Hugo Leisink
31 March 2018, 22:51
If you request an image directly in the browser, does it then show correctly? If so, could it be the Content Security Policy (line 611 in libraries/core/view.php)?
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