Modify identifier of information logged to syslog

Hiroki Hashimoto
21 April 2018, 20:09
Information logged to syslog using the 'Syslog' configuration directive is assigned the syslog identifier 'hiawatha'. However, in order to be able to identify multiple Hiawatha instances on the same node, it would be beneficial to distinguish logged information in between the different Hiawatha instances. For instance, we use 'journalctl -t hiawatha' to extract logged information of Hiawatha.

Being able to use 'journalctl -t <custom_identifier>' by having an additional configuration directive in Hiawatha called (for instance) 'SyslogIdentifier = <custom_identifier>' would make it much easier to distinguish between different Hiawatha instances running on the same node. This will allow logging aggregators (such as the ELK stack) collecting these logs to distinguish between instances as well, which is all the better.
Hugo Leisink
21 April 2018, 21:08
Sound fine. Will implement for the next release.
Hiroki Hashimoto
21 April 2018, 23:13
Excellent, looking forward to it ! Can be closed. Dank u
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