Arch Package

25 April 2018, 21:43
The Arch package makes it pretty uneasy to update the letsencrypt script (unpacking, manual review of the files, sudo cp...) while pacman would be very good at doing it nicely. I am discussing with the maintainer what he can do on his side to integrate it better.
I remember you may had some plans on your side to ease the packaging.
What do you recommend?

Thanks for this great server

Hugo Leisink
26 April 2018, 22:37
The first version of the script expected the config file in the same directory as the script itself. That caused issues in a multi user environment.

Version 2.0 searches in ~/.letsencrypt/, /etc/letsencrypt/ and /usr/local/etc/letsencrypt/ for the config file. So, simply write the script to a suitable location and let the user create a config file in his/her own home directory as explained in the README. Should be easy to package.
27 April 2018, 08:25
My bad I didn't read the new README!
That's great news thanks for pointing it out and for the dev. That will easy now.
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