Per-VirtualHost UserDirectory?

14 June 2018, 19:12
I am running a webserver, which serves ~/public_html/ as

I wish to also/instead serve ~/html_archive as

However, adding a UserDirectory directive into a VirtualHost:
# /etc/hiawatha/vhosts/archive.conf
VirtualHost {
Hostname =
WebsiteRoot = /var/www/null
UserWebsite = yes
UserDirectory = html_archive

is a "Syntax error in vhosts//archive.conf on line 5.".

Is there a known workaround?
I can recompile with a patch, if necessary.
14 June 2018, 19:14
("UserWebsite" was a typo in my transcribing; NOT in the actual config file. The "line 5" agrees because of the informational header I added to my transcription; but hiawatha -k was actually choking on UserDirectory, which I confirmed by a few comment-uncomment tests.)
14 June 2018, 20:10
Well, I found an OK workaround, for anyone stumbling across this thread

basically just "roll your own" UserWebsites
downside is that it requires manual intervention for each user
However, it seems to still work with CGIWrapper

# /etc/hiawatha/vhosts/archive.conf
VirtualHost {
Hostname =
WebsiteRoot = /var/www/archive
UserWebsites = no
ShowIndex = yes

and then just
mv -v ~user/html_archive '/var/www/archive/~user'
ln -vs '/var/www/archive/~user' ~user/html_archive
Hugo Leisink
14 June 2018, 20:53
Ok. So, all is working as desired now?
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