letsencrypt polling time out

19 June 2018, 13:03
Hi Hugo

While I never had any issue with ACMEv1 I am struggling to renew my certificate with the new version.
These regressions are really painful, don't misunderstand me I mean upstream on letsencrypt side.
First thanks for adapting your script to v2.
Then would you have any debug recommendation? I am registered fine with v2 then is it an issue with my domain or with my configuration?
I am using your latest script from what I think. I will dig into it anyway

19 June 2018, 13:28
I know my post above is missing detailed debug info, I am looking into it now and will come back with more focused information, it was just in case there was something obvious to check first or a typical known issue when moving to v2.
19 June 2018, 13:57
I was a bit quick to complain about letsencrypt CA, the issue was with port 80 on my side following a recent change of NAT router.
thanks for the great server and great letsencrypt script ACMEv2!
Hugo Leisink
21 June 2018, 01:12
Good to hear it works!
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