Kiteh Kawasaki
12 July 2018, 10:48
Hugo-sama: I love Hiawatha. You have given me and thousands of others INDEPENDENCE from censorship and exploitation by TPTB on the Net. In USA busybodies are trying to silence free speech for HUGE segments of the entertainment industry. The minimalist Zen design you created is sharp, like a good knife. I can't find a modern email hub like that for my .net it's all over-complex with php, mysql yadda yadda...

If you are coding an eMail server like Hiawatha or know of something small, sharp and simple - my PuppyLinux Xenial had Hiawatha and Clawsmail built-in... Hiawatha worked as soon as I got smart enough to config it. But Clawsmail wants Google, and Goog's anti-free-speech stance is why I Linux'd up. Other suggestion: Updating Hiawatha should be a button-click, not a fresh install scenario.

Is there link to donate to Hiawatha? If you're doing this on your own with no backing or donations: I love you enough to pay for it.
Hugo Leisink
17 July 2018, 01:36
I have no plans for coding a mailserver. My current projects already take too much time. Donations are always welcome to pay for the hosting of this server. Is IBAN ok for you?
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