Setting up Hiawatha to use an NTFS partition / drive

Erik S
28 July 2018, 16:04
posted for a quick reference. I had a request to help set up a CMS frame work called SiteMagic on a Puppy Linux Slacko series OS.
Puppy Linux comes with Hiawatha v6 built in. I upgraded to version 10.8.1 and used the Puppy Linux default web root /root/Web-Server.
The request was for the ability to have the web site code to reside on a hard disk in this case /sda5/Program Files D/SMagic which is formatted as NTFS. The simple way to have Hiawatha to use a NTFS formatted disk drive is to use the ntfs-3g driver. At machine boot ntfs-3g is used like this in a shell script (bash in this case)
/sbin/mount.ntfs-3g /dev/sda5 /mnt/sda5

and in the hiawatha.conf I used an Alias like this:
Alias = /SMagic:/mnt/sda5/Program_Files_D/SMagic

now Hiawatha accesses the NTFS file structure and I can reach the site with http://localhost/SMagic
Erik S
28 July 2018, 16:08
correction: there are spaces and not "_" in the Alias statement. Although it works either way.
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