22 September 2018, 09:47
It is very interesting that some of my pages are blocked when "PreventSQLi" is set to "prevent" or "block" but some pages do not. I have checked all pages with no specific difference. Any idea?

Does the size of the page does matter? If so, where to change the setting?
Hugo Leisink
25 September 2018, 15:46
A page is only blocked based on the content of the request, not the content of the page itself. Did you do a POST to the blocked pages?
25 September 2018, 17:35
I am using Banshee PHP Framework and POST an article at the "Page" module. Some articles can post properly but some cannot when PreventSQLi is enabled.
Hugo Leisink
7 October 2018, 14:20
I've told you before; don't use PreventSQLi all the time. Specially with Banshee, it's not necessary.
7 October 2018, 15:35
I set the PreventSQLi to detect. It only can detect the first POST parameter instead of second and others parameters. When I try the second parameter, it passes the detection. I think there is a bug there.
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