http2 build - need statement in config to run on server?

25 September 2018, 03:10
Hi Hugo,
Thanks once again for the incredible work you put into Hiawatha. It is brilliant!!
I have built a windows version of 10.8.3 with latest update of Cygwin64 and http2 enabled (nghttp2 ver 1.33.0 installed) and it builds with no errors... but I can't seem to get my server to make http2 connections (it fails tests like http2 checker on geekflare). Is there a statement I need to include in my config file to activate http2?
Thanks in advance...
Hugo Leisink
25 September 2018, 15:42
HTTP/2 is not yet supported. I've included the build system and the nghttp2 library, but the code for Hiawatha is still missing.
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