URL Toolkit for Textpattern (and other CMS)

Vladas Palubinskas
3 November 2018, 12:41
In the long run, Textpattern CMS has recently documented support for Hiawatha [] webserver, congrats!

While writing this tip, I wanted to ask you — should not CMSes parse their URL transforming rules themselves? Why Banshee delegates its URL Toolkit to Hiawatha.conf? Is HTTP server capable to know and to take responsibility for every CMS []? Would not be less compatibility issues, leaving URL recognizing and transforming process to CMS?
Hugo Leisink
6 November 2018, 00:43
That's good to hear! URL rewriting cannot be done by the CMS. A CMS can only process the requests it receives. Most 'clean URLs' are requests for non-existing files, hence the required URL rewriting. A webserver does the rewriting, the CMS does the routing.
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