Banning seconds

Vladas Palubinskas
7 November 2018, 21:54
I see many login attempts to phpMyAdmin, WebDAV, Wordpress and other popular Web applications (not existing on my computer). No doubt, Hiawatha is a very secure by default, nevertheless I am wondering how to employ properly the existing banning settings.

1. Despite of "ConnectionsPerIP = 25", I see 266 connections during one or two minutes from the same IP — for example

2. I have set "BanOnInvalidURL = 2" with "RebanDuringBan = yes" today, but I see banning duration in 9 (instead of 2) seconds in the system.log, while "0 connect attempts during ban".

I would appreciate your advice.
Hugo Leisink
10 November 2018, 16:15
The ConnectionsPerIP is for simultaneous connections only. You could give ReconnectDelay a try, but test carefully.
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