File upload to Hiawatha server over port 80

22 November 2018, 18:27
Hi all,
I want to implement simple file uploader and im using Hiawatha server.
My question is ,how can I use upload server if port 80 is already binded by Hiawatha?
I have some upload server that can use whatever port but it cannot bind port 80.
What is the proper way to do it?
Thanks a lot.
Hugo Leisink
23 November 2018, 22:11
The right solution is to write a CGI program that handles the uploaded file via POST or PUT.
25 November 2018, 08:43
Hi Hugo,
thanks for your response.
one more question , is there any option in hiawatha to get data on port 80 and route it to any other application in other port? (like doing with fastCGI or PHP ), i've trired to do so by add another "fastcgi" port in hiawatha.conf but it didn't work.
Hugo Leisink
25 November 2018, 19:17
You can forward the HTTP request by using the ReverseProxy option.
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