Hiawatha debug mode

26 November 2018, 11:45

I have an issue where I cannot upload WordPress themes to my site..
I can upload plugin and files but not a theme.
I have no error in the log file.
Is there a way to start Hiawatha in debug mode?
I saw that there is a details log facility but no idea how to enable it?

Could anyone help?

Thank you
Hugo Leisink
29 November 2018, 20:19
What do you mean with 'you cannot upload'? What happens when you try to do so?
1 December 2018, 19:30
I get the following browser error message
Secure Connection Failed

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.

Everything else is working fine on the site... Just cannot upload theme files
1 December 2018, 19:36
did you try to change ownership/permissions of files/folder?
chown - R www-data:www-data
chmod 755 wordpress or wordpress/wp-content/theme folder?
3 December 2018, 13:46
yes, the permissions were all checked.

Via FTP, I can upload the theme.
I can also install a theme via the WordPress repo. So it's not ownership issue
5 December 2018, 21:53
this has nothing to do with permissions but with the TLS or TCP connectivity, it may be the configuration for wordpress / cgi / ... is not ready to run, also check if the certificate is correctly configured etc
Hugo Leisink
9 December 2018, 14:35
I don't know Wordpress, but since I know that everything in Hiawatha works as it should, I'm sure this is a Wordpress (configuration) issue.
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