Lets encrypt error

20 December 2018, 11:39
Hi Hugo,

I think I found a bug in hiawatha lets encrypt:

If I have an comment behind my Webroot in config, Now I cannot renew my cert...

WebsiteRoot = /webroot/abc # lorem ipsum

If I renew my cert, the folder "/webroot/abc # lorem ipsum" is created, but letsencrypt gets an 404 error, cause hiawatha uses /webroot/abc and not "/webroot/abc # lorem ipsum"...

- Arne
Hugo Leisink
24 December 2018, 19:11
Thanks for reporting. Add the following line to libraries/hiawatha_config.php, after the first 'while' statement in read_config_file():
$line = preg_replace('/(^|\s)#.*/', '', $line);
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