Reverse Proxy returns 404

25 January 2019, 18:25
Hi Hugo,

we are using Hiawatha reverse proxy to proxy our keycloak instance.

It works fine - only this url returns a 404 http error:

Here is our config:
VirtualHost {
Hostname = keycloak....
ReverseProxy .* 120 keep-alive
WebsiteRoot = /abc
StartFile = index.html
AccessLogfile = /log/a
ErrorLogfile = /log/e
TLSCertFile = /tls/a.pem

In the error file we didn't find anything interesting...
Also in the access file we didn't find an entry for this url.

Do you have an idea what's going wrong?


- Alex
26 January 2019, 11:13
Hey Alex,

RTFM; "AllowDotFiles = yes" should help with this. Although Hiawatha should allow .well-known URIs when the URI starts with .well-known/, but yours starts with /auth/realms/abc-dev/.well-known/.
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