Support cPanel

6 September 2009, 06:03
Hiawatha should be 100% cPanel compatible, so users can Disable Apache in cPanel and only use Hiawatha. Litespeed server( supports cPanel by making a few modifications to cPanel, so Hiawatha should too. All of cPanel's features should work 100% correctly with Hiawatha.
Hugo Leisink
6 September 2009, 08:24
cPanel is a commercial product. So, if cPanel should support Hiawatha, I think its up to cPanel Inc to create it.

And how could Hiawatha support cPanel? Isn't it the other way around? cPanel should support Hiawatha. Therefor, I think you should ask this question at the cPanel forum.
7 September 2009, 05:42
Hiawatha can support cPanel like this:

cPanel does NOT support Litespeed server, that is why Litespeed server made a HACK to enable it to be used with cPanel.
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